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About Me

Elaine Wise, UK Voice Artist

“A very talented voice over artist with a very soothing and pleasurable voice to listen to.”  

Ali N, ARN Publications, Los Angeles.

Being a voice artist comes naturally to me.

Even as a child I was always a silent narrator.  Whenever I read a book, I would add extra drama to the words on the page by “performing “ them in my head.  I still do.  That’s why people notice I can read an unseen script aloud with hardly any mistakes on a first read-through, and why it feels totally natural to speak the words and bring them to life.

When I was young, I remember recording improvised stories and dramas on my Dad’s reel-to-reel tape recorder.  The microphone was basic and “editing” consisted of running the tape back and re-recording over the mistakes.  But I can still feel the thrill of watching the brown BASF tape reels going round and hearing the sound of my voice telling a story.  That’s when the seed was sown for my future career as a voice artist.

But my route into pure voice work has been a scenic one.  My first steps in the media were in BBC Local Radio where I learnt the principles of journalism and factual storytelling as a radio reporter.  From there I moved into BBC TV as a researcher and reporter before becoming a presenter and then producer for Channel  4.  Over the years I’ve had the privilege of working with many professional performers such as Jonathan Ross, Jools Holland and Stephen Fry amongst others.

So even though it took me longer to get here, my voice is better for the waiting.  Firstly, the pitch of my voice has deepened and I have a far richer vocal range which makes my voice more interesting and adaptable.  Secondly, I have had more life experience, travelled the globe and learned much from watching other professional actors and voice artists in action, all of which adds depth and experience to my work.