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The Art of Voice

Elaine Wise, UK Voice Artist

“Elaine is a very talented voice over artist with a very soothing and pleasurable voice to listen to. She also does an amazing job with character voices aside from her main narration voice.”

Ali N., ARN Publications, Los Angeles

Our sense of hearing develops early in the womb and stays with us to the very end of life after our eyes have closed.   It can stimulate our imagination and emotional response in a way that images alone cannot.  Whether you’re using voice as a commentary to add meaning to a documentary or animation, or on its own as narration for an audiobook, the human voice has the power and intimacy to reach into the hearts and minds of the audience.

We all know how powerful great oratory can be – think of Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King.  It moves people for good or evil.  Successful leaders and politicians strive to master the art of voice and use it to connect emotionally with their audiences.

For me, narration isn’t just about the sound of a voice.   The art of voice and narration happens in the moments just before the words are spoken.  It’s about the narrator’s ability to interpret the meaning and emotional tone of the words in a script before bringing them to life by articulating them.

Actors often say “my voice is my instrument”.  Like music, it has the power to reach and touch the emotions of the listener.  This is what being a voice artist is all about – telling stories and moving audiences through the art of voice.

“I look forward to telling your story!”