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Audio Demos

“When I listened to the finished narration, I was blown away … her tone was perfect in every way in narrative and dialogue”.  H E Joyce, Author.

To make it easy for you to find examples of what you’re looking for, there are separate voicereels for each genre on Soundcloud in the following order.  Just spool down to find what you’re after:-

  • Commercial
  • Corporate
  • Medical
  • E-Learning
  • IVR & Virtual Assistant
  • Character Voices for Animation
  • Audiobooks – Various Genres
  • Audiobooks – Children’s Fiction
  • Audiobooks – Mystery / Thriller / Suspense
  • Audiobooks – Classic Novels
  • Audiobooks – Humour
  • Audiobooks – Romance
  • Conversational Natural Voice
  • BBC Shipping Forecast
  • The Speaking Clock

Click links to listen to more of my voice at:-

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